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Ores are a group of foes in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Ores appear as small, floating chunks of rock dotted with chunks of colored crystal. The front surface of the rock has two oval eyes for a "face," glowing in the same color as the Ore's crystals.

Ores are usually found in caves, mountains, and rugged areas, but can also appear in places that match their specific elements. They are frequently summoned by Poseidon and Vulcan in their respective battles, but their exact connection is uncertain.


Ores have a basic ramming attack and the ability to cast powerful magic at the cost of their own lives, making them extremely similar to Bits. Unlike Bits, however, Ores vastly prefer their suicide moves even at full HP, only resorting to ramming if Syphoned, Berserked, or (on higher difficulty levels) facing a party highly resistant/immune to their elemental magic. Ores also have two spells to choose from when they self-destruct, often including one with strong damage and another more focused on debilitating the party or supporting its allies.

All Ores are weak to Bomb, and all but one are weak to Wind. On the other hand, they are immune to Earth and resistant to Bio (except for the Peridot Ore which absorbs it).

When captured and summoned, Ores sacrifice themselves to perform a support effect, be it buffing and healing the party, inflicting status effects on all enemies, or hitting a single enemy for moderate damage, a status effect, and a stat debuff. Their SP costs range from 16 to 37.



  • Ores can be considered the successors to Bits and Runes, neither of which appear in EBF5.