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Phyrnna (pronounced "fee-ern-nah", previously known as HalcyonicFalconX) is a composer who wrote the soundtrack for most of the games in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. She makes a few appearances in the series itself, most notably appearing as a playable character in Bullet Heaven 2.


When Phyrnna appears in the series, she usually uses her personal avatar, a light-skinned young woman with golden eyes and short blue hair. Her usual outfit is a sleeveless white dress (sometimes with blue accents) and a pair of white headphones, befitting her job as a composer. She sometimes has a pair of large, white-feathered wings protruding from her back, giving her an angelic appearance when paired with her predominantly white attire.

Phyrnna's personal emblem is an upside-down G-clef with wings, as seen in Phyrnna's Blessing.

Soundtracks provided

Bullet Heaven 2

Phyrnna's appearance in Bullet Heaven 2.

As well as composing the soundtrack for the game, Phyrnna makes her first appearance as a playable character in Bullet Heaven 2. She is unlocked in the Shop for 10,000 coins, coming with the Soothing Song subweapon and the Angel Wings costume.

For more information, see here.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Phyrnna gets a cameo as a player in the video game Matt is playing at the beginning of EBF5. She also appears in the Battle Arena as an NPC who gives the party Phyrnna's Blessing once all five solo challenges are completed.

If NoLegs uses the Art Attack Limit Break, the animation depicts him in a "catgirl"-like form resembling Phyrnna.


  • Three random facts (Archived Sauce).
    • Phyrnna first smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in 2016.
    • Phyrnna never had her wisdom teeth grow in or be extracted.
    • She has moved a total of 16 times in her lifetime. As she said this was every other year, this means that (as of 2022) she is 33.
      • Speaking of age, her birthday falls (according to Ronja) on the 10th of December. Which means that she must have been born in 1989 approximately.
  • She has two cats, Onyx (the oldest) and Lilac.
  • Phyrnna currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.
  • While little is confirmed, some posts on Twitter and other media platforms may indicate she is of Chinese descent.
  • As of February 2022, Phyrnna is currently on an indefinite hiatus for personal reasons.