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The sigil from Phyrnna's Blessing superimposed over the party.

Phyrnna's Blessing is a support skill available to everyone except Matt and Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It was introduced in the v2 update of the game.


When used, a glowing blue sigil depicting Phyrnna's logo (an upside down g-clef with wings) surrounded by a circular musical score appears on the party. It then pulses a few times (while playing A Musical Explosion! from Bullet Heaven 2) before disappearing, giving the entire party a Magic Attack buff and the Regen status effect.

As the only skill to offer full-party Regen, Phyrnna's Blessing is incredibly useful, allowing the party to gradually heal over time for a few turns without spending SP on the Slime Bunny summon. It also buffs the entire party's Magic Attack, but Star Power will generally provide stronger and more reliable buffing in that regard. While it suffers from a lengthy cooldown, using the Nano Machines Flair and the Sharpen skill will allow the player to maintain Regen semi-perpetually.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Phyrnna's Blessing is given to the player by Phyrnna (fittingly enough), who appears in the lobby of the Battle Arena after completing all of the 1-Player Arena challenges.

In "Equip Remix", the Alt Heaven's Voice and the Alt Crimson Razorback can cast Phyrnna's Blessing between turns.

EBF5 Skill Phyrnna's Blessing.png
Phyrnna's Blessing
Buffs the magic attack of all allies, including those in backup, and also gives them regen status.
  • Has a 10-turn cooldown.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Allies+B -- ---- EBF5 Status Regenerate.png
Stat Magic.png
-- -- --
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength AP Cost
1 -- -- 2x
2 -- -- 3x
3 -- -- 4x
4 -- -- 5x