Status Random
The Random status effect, introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, isn't a status on its own — instead, it randomly picks and inflicts a status effect from a list of possible choices, with the exact statuses varying between its appearances.

Base infliction chance for any status chosen is 100%, affected by skill's parameters normally. Status strength is not affected by skill's settings. Target's resistance to the status chosen still applies. Possible cures also depend on the status chosen.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Picks a status (which stays the same for all foes if the attack is multi-target, but is re-randomized each hit for multi-hit attacks) from the following list, with an equal chance for each (1/13 or ≈7.7%):

The Random status is accessible to players only through the following weapons:

No foes utilize the status.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Random can now inflict significantly more statuses than in EBF4, most of them being new statuses introduced in EBF5. It's worth noting that Random can now also inflict positive statuses. The status is picked from the following list (unlike in EBF4, multi-target attacks can now roll a different status for each foe, and multi-hit attacks only roll once on the last hit):

The Random status is accessible to players through the following skills and equipment:

No foes utilize the status.

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