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Redpine Town is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the final town in the game, and is particularly desolate by the time it is accessible. The party arrives here after defeating Poseidon in the Frozen Valley, passing through on their way to The Rapture.


As the name suggests, Redpine Town is a grassy riverside town covered with red grass and pine trees; Anna implies that this may not be natural. It appears to be on high ground, as it has cliffs on both sides of the river. Unlike the relatively peaceful and thriving Hope Harbor and Greenwood Village, Redpine Town has been severely compromised by the Great Impact just to the east. It is completely infested with foes, many blocking the path into the few homes that remain.

Redpine Town has the standard Steroid, Item and Weapon shops, along with a few farms, a large graveyard, and various houses that contain...mildly disturbing and possibly entertaining information about the situation (depending on who the player talks to). While some of the townspeople are valiantly attempting to protect each other and save the town, others are depressed and ready to give up - some of the latter have even become cultists, worshipping either the Glitch or the Sacred Jewels. One of the jewels - the Emerald of Life - can be obtained from the mausoleum in the center of the town, but the party needs the Candle to open the path.

Apparently, Lance grew up in Redpine Town. Based on his comments, the town used to be better, but only marginally so. Growing up in these terrible conditions (not to mention living with an abusive father and then being sent to an orphanage, which has since been converted into a makeshife Steroids stall) lead to Lance developing a hatred towards humanity and general existence, which in turn led to his part of the events concerning the Iron Fortress (and presumably the second game). Lance's comments also imply that there was an active mining industry which has now shut down. It is possible that a portion of the mining took place in what is now The Rapture and as such has been destroyed or overrun; the cave leading to the Crystal Caverns may have also been part of a mining operation.

There is a small island just off the western coast of Redpine Town, upon which is built a shrine similar to the ruins in the Frozen Valley. This is the resting place of the Water Orb, one of the four keys to opening the way to The Beyond (as well as the only one not found in The Rapture proper). The shrine also marks the entrance into The Great Sea.

If the other four Glitch Areas were visited previously, a final area will become available near the entrance of Redpine Town. This void contains far more drastic and disturbing glitches than the others, including the implicit source of all the reality distortions.

The Crystal Caverns can be accessed from a cave in the southeastern corner of Redpine Town. Additionally, the v2 update added a hidden exit among the trees in the same area; finding it takes the party to a sinister forest grove containing an Arcade machine.


Redpine Town has a substantial population of primarily Dark and Fire-based foes, including various types of undead. Disturbingly, it is suggested by various townspeople that many of these are actually people who died during the aftermath of the Great Impact (mirroring a similar statement regarding the Graybone Cemetery for Whitefall Town in EBF4). There is also a lot of hostile wildlife, as well as a few mechanical enemies last seen around No Man's Land.


Redpine Town is on the center of the southern continent, with the Frozen Valley to the west and the Rapture to the east; after the v2 update, The Great Sea can be reached by sailing south from its western coastline.

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Mini Maps

Equipment Shop

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Food and Steroid Shops

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Graveyard and Mausoleum

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Material Shop and Herb Stable

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  • Assuming most of the Rapture was previously part of the town, Redpine Town would be the single largest town in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, discounting the "towns" in the first two games (due to a lack of confirmed size).
  • Inside the Equipment Shop is the Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy IX.
  • Many of the graves scattered around Redpine Town are references to popular culture.
    • "Here lies the Gold*n Sun series. May your story never conclude." - References the Golden Sun saga, a series of games that are commonly seen as a "dead" series due to the fact that a new ''Golden Sun'' game has not been released in over 10 years.
    • "- Epic Battle Fantasy 6 - Buried here alongside everyone who asks about it.'" - Tongue-in-cheek commentary from Matt Roszak on whether he has any intentions of making further installments of the Epic Battle Fantasy series.
    • "~ In memory of Metro*d ~ He died unfortunately in battle when his arm-cannon malfunctioned. There wasn't much left of him to be buried." - References Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid series of video games. The gender of the grave's occupant may be a nod to how the original Metroid manual referred to Samus as male in order to preserve the surprise of her true gender (revealed if the player completed the game under a certain time). The name may be a reference to how some fans mistook "Metroid" as Samus's name, rather than the name of the species that forms a large portion of the series' lore.
    • "~ Here lies Vivi, whose death was lost in translation ~" - References Vivi, the Black Mage of Final Fantasy IX. Notably, Vivi's final line ("my memories will be a part of the sky") has some ambiguities in the English translation about who said the line and what exactly it was meant to mean, but in the Japanese version it was distinctly Vivi saying it.
    • "~ Here lies Sulk ~ He wasn't feeling it this time. ~ RIP in Peace ~" - References Shulk, protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles, and one of his memetic lines made famous as a taunt in the Super Smash Bros. series.
    • "Here lies every studio ever bought by EA. Buried alongside them are complete games without micro-transactions. Press F to pay respects." - References Electronic Arts, a game company infamous for making games that have significant amounts of content locked behind paid DLC and in-game transactions with real money (a.k.a. microtransactions). The last line on the epitaph references the "Press F to pay respects" meme.
    • "- In loving memory of L Lawliet - 'The 2017 film was the best version, no doubt.' - His Final Words" - References L, a major character in the Death Note franchise, as well as the 2017 American movie adaptation.
    • "Here lie Slimy Frog, Pepe Rabbit, Falcon Bomber and Fox McDonald of the Star Animal crew. Their service to this solar system will never be forgotten." - References the main members of the eponymous Star Fox team: Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi and Fox McCloud.
    • "- In memory of J*n Snow - 'I know everything.' - His last spoken words" - References Jon Snow, a character in the Game of Thrones series.
    • "In loving memory of General Leo. Killed in cold blood, by Kefka the clown." - References Leo Cristophe, a character in Final Fantasy VI who was betrayed and killed by his ally, Kefka Palazzo.
    • "- RIP Fez 2 - You were too pure for this world, and were banished to development hell." - References Fez II, the sequel to the indie game Fez that was cancelled when its creator (Phil Fish) infamously left the game development industry.