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Redpine Town is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the final town in the game, and is particularly desolate by the time the party arrives. The player arrives here after defeating Poseidon, and is located immediately next to The Rapture.


As the name suggests, Redpine is covered with red grasses and pine trees.

Unlike most towns, Redpine has an active and thriving population of foes, with many blocking the path into the few homes that remain. It has the standard Steroid, Item and Weapon shops, along with various houses that contain...mildly disturbing and possibly entertaining information about the situation (depending on who the player talks to). Some of the towns people are depressed and ready to give up, while others are valiantly attempting to save the town. This split has caused massive amounts of cultists of two main types to grow in size, one centered around the Glitch and one around the Sacred Jewels.

There is a Mausoleum in the center of the town, which the player can enter to get the Emerald of Life, one of the Sacred Jewels.

Apparently, this is where Lance grew up. Based on his comments, the town used to be better, but only marginally so. Growing up in these terrible conditions (not to mention living with an abusive father and then being sent to an orphanage) lead to Lance developing a hatred towards humanity and general existence, which in turn led to his part of the events concerning the Iron Fortress (and presumably the second game). Also based off of Lance's comments, there was presumably an active mining industry which has now shut down. It is possible that a portion of the mining took place in what is now The Rapture and as such has been destroyed.


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Unlike most towns, Redpine has a significant foe population. This has sharply increased as a result of the Great Impact. Redpine primarily has Dark and Fire based foes, many of which are various types of undead. Disturbingly, it is suggested by various townspeople that many of these are actually people who died just before the events of the game.

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  • Assuming most of the Rapture was previously part of the town, that would make Redpine Town the single largest town in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, the "towns" in EBF1 and 2 notwithstanding due to a lack of confirmed size.
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