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Rock Lake boss, Giant Squid

Rock Lake is the third area in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, it is north of Vegetable Forest and east of the Glacier Valley.

It is a large body of water with an accompanying beach and predominately Water-based enemies, therefore weak to Ice of Thunder. Also the boss of the area, which is a red Giant Squid, absorbs Water attacks and it is weak to Ice and Thunder.

Among the NPCs found here, there are tourists, pirates, and beach goers.


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I I7RockLake.png I8RockLake.png I9RockLake.png
J J7RockLake.png J8RockLake.png J9RockLake.png
K K7RockLake.png K8RockLake.png K9RockLake.png



  • Map K7 : Three chests and one hidden wallet in the right tent after receiving the lost wallet quest.
  • Map J7 : Four chests.
  • Map I7 : Seven chests. The bottom three chests are accessible by heading north from map J7, the four chests at the top require beating the Boss.
  • Map J8 : Four chests. Enemies block access to three of the chests, defeat them to get past.
  • Map J9 : Eight chests. Upper left chest is accessible from J8, Bottom two left chests are reachable from the upper right corner of map K8, then walking east through J8. Top two chests are accessible by taking the bottom right exit from map I8 then heading east through J8. The three chests on the right are accessible by heading north from map K9 after fighting enemies in the way.
  • Map K8: Three chests. One chest is hidden in the upper right corner under the Menu button.
  • Map K9: Four chests. Access the top left chest from map K8.
  • Map I9: No chests, but contains the Narhwal Surfing minigame.
  • Map I8: One chest, accessible by heading north from map J8.