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"If you collect them all, they're supposed to bring about a terrible disaster.
Like, something so bad that it would completely change the world for the worse.
―Anna on the way to Whitefall Town, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The Sacred Jewels as they appear in EBF4 (top) and EBF5 (bottom)

The Sacred Jewels are a set of three magical jewels that drive the storyline of Epic Battle Fantasy 4, made to resurrect/summon the goddess. They reappear in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 as key items, used to activate the pedestals in the Forgotten Temple to unlock an area home to another cat-like being — Snowflake.


The Sacred Jewels assembled atop the Temple of Godcat in EBF4.

Godcat apparently left the Sacred Jewels behind when she abandoned the world. Presumably, she meant for them to be used to summon her if catkind was in dire need of help.

In EBF5, a group of Cultists worships the Sacred Jewels, keeping them in their lairs beneath Hope Harbor, Greenwood Village, and Redpine Town. It is unclear what the cult's motives are, but its members believe the Sacred Jewels to somehow be the key to some sort of salvation.

Story-wise, it is unknown how or why the jewels are able to unlock the pathway to Snowflake's area in EBF5, but it is possible that they are simply the only items with enough power to create a portal to a different dimension.

Emerald of Life

"Upon this holy stump rests the Jewel of Greenwood, our most beloved treasure. Its aura blesses our village and protects us from harm. DO NOT STEAL."
―A sign in Greenwood Village, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Greenwood Jewel.png

The Greenwood Jewel (EBF4)/Emerald of Life (EBF5) is a green gemstone shaped like a three-lobed leaf. At the beginning of EBF4, it is stolen by a band of cats trying to bring Godcat back, prompting Anna to embark on a quest to recover it (she initially suspected the party, who by that point had developed a reputation for robbery and was spotted in the area). This effectively puts into the motion the entirety of the game's events.

In EBF5, the Emerald of Life can be found in the underground area of the Redpine Town Mausoleum.

Sapphire of Dreams

Whitefall Jewel.png

The Whitefall Jewel (EBF4)/Sapphire of Dreams (EBF5), is a blue gemstone shaped like a cross-shaped snowflake. In EBF4, it is stolen by a pack of cats shortly before the party arrives in Whitefall Town. Barring a visiting mage, no one seems particularly worried.

In EBF5, the Sapphire of Dreams is found in the underground area in the Hope Harbor weapons shop, past where the Thief is blocking the path.

Ruby of Death

Goldenbrick Jewel.png

The Goldenbrick Jewel (EBF4)/Ruby of Death (EBF5), is a red gemstone shaped like a flame. In EBF4, it is stolen by a horde of cats just as the party arrives in Goldenbrick Resort. The party attempts to fend off the cats, but the cats carrying the jewels (somehow) escape and make it to the top of the Temple of Godcat, where Godcat herself awaits her resurrection.

In EBF5, the Ruby of Death is found in the underground area beneath a very wealthy man's house in Greenwood Village.


  • In EBF4, the Sacred Jewels are also used for the icons of Medals earned for completing the game's standard mode (Greenwood Jewel), New Game Plus (Whitefall Jewel) and New Game Plus Plus (Goldenbrick Jewel).
  • The three Sacred Jewels are most likely a reference to either the Triforce or the Spiritual Stones from The Legend of Zelda series. Both have the same color scheme, and the Spiritual Stones in particular have a very similar set of aesthetics; like the Triforce, the Sacred Jewels can be used to unleash untold power.