"Make sure to summon Scanbot often and collect lots of monster data. It'll be helpful in remembering their weaknesses!"
―Natalie, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Scanbot is a recurring Summon in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is a small gray robot with a spherical body, a single green lens, and caterpillar treads. It is used to scan the status of all foes, providing data on their resistances, abilities, and weaknesses. The data from these scanned foes is stored in the Bestiary, which carries over across all files in the game.

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Epic Battle Fantasy 2

The Scanbot makes its first appearance in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 as one of Natalie's summons. It is her cheapest summon, costing only 30 MP to use.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The Scanbot does not appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 3; instead, Lance's Scan skill serves as the player's means of scanning enemies and filling the Bestiary.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The Scanbot returns as a summon in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is the second summon the player gains access to, being unlocked when Anna meets Matt in Ashwood Forest.

Summon Scanbot
Scanbot SP Status Freeze
Scans foes to reveal their attributes and weaknesses. This info is saved forever in the bestiary. 2 Kept
Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
All -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -- --

Compared to its previous appearance in EBF2, the Scanbot has become more efficient at its work. It now scans the entire enemy group, providing data on any and all new enemies among them. An enemy's data can be viewed at any time during battle by mousing over the small question mark next to it (for comparison, players had to consult the Bestiary mid-battle in EBF2, and target an enemy with a single-target skill to find the question mark in EBF3 prior to the 2016 update). The Scanbot is also available to all party members, enabling more varied strategies (such as having Matt scan the enemies while Natalie heals or buffs the party). However, in EBF4 Bestiary info is tied to a specific save rather than being saved to a separate file, thus it has to be collected again when starting a new game (but not New Game +).

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The Scanbot is replaced with the Scouter, which does not require Summon Points.


  • In EBF4, the Scanbot pushes Lance's corpse when fleeing or moving to backup.
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