"Will take big fire damage and decrease max HP every turn. Effect removed by water or ice damage."
―Scorch's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Scorch
Scorch is a negative status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Its icon is a single dark red streak of flame.

Scorch deals magical Fire-elemental damage at the end of the affected side's turn equal to twice Burn's damage (ie. MaxHP * Hit2HP * 0.0014 * Scorch tier), and also debuffs their max HP by 10%; unlike statuses like Weaken, Curse or Tired, Scorch also cancels out natural HP debuff fading, so the debuff will be 15% if they already have an HP buff or 10% otherwise. Before the v2 update, Scorch only affected players, since the players had no way of applying it to foes.

  • Scorch's damage is applied after its HP debuff, and thus the damage will be based on the max HP they have after it's been lowered by the debuff.
  • While for players any HP buffs and debuffs will immediately update their HP bars, for foes, HP buffs and debuffs will only properly update their HP bars after they've been healed or at the end of their turn.
  • Since Scorch's damage is Fire-elemental, it'll deal 1.5x damage if the target also has Dry at the end of the turn, and unlike regular attacks, this won't consume Dry stacks. By the same token, since Scorch deals magic damage, its damage will be doubled by Invisible and nullified by Enchanted.
  • Scorch can score a critical hit (for 1.5x damage), but only with help of the Stagger status effect, this won't consume Stagger stacks.
  • Scorch's damage has the second highest priority amongst all damaging statuses, with only Burn taking place before it.
  • Like Burn, Scorch will not cause any damage when the victim is Frozen, but will tick down (and debuff their HP) anyway .
  • If the last foe in a wave dies to Scorch, when the next wave of foes comes in, the player will have the first turn.
  • As with most other damaging statuses, Scorch's "attack" has permanent 999.99 Accuracy, not affected by anything. Thus, there is a chance to dodge it if victim's Evade is above that value.
  • Like most other damaging statuses, Scorch's damage is reduced in Easy and Zero difficulties (down to 70% and 35% respectively) for both players and foes.
  • When afflicted by Dry, the affected is twice as likely to get Scorched.

Other than through standard cleansing spells and food, Scorch will also be removed if the affected target is hit by a Water or Ice-elemental attack, or by an attack that inflicts Chill or Wet (regardless of whether the status is actually applied).

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Scorch is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Cosmic Monolith summon — 100% chance, 2x length, targets all foes.
  • Red Crystal summon — 200% chance, 1x length
  • Cosmic Gigalith summon — 100% chance, 6x length, targets all foes.
  • TREAGURE summon — one of the gems has 100% chance, 3x length of Scorch.
  • Through the Random status (5% chance to roll it) — 100% chance, 3x length.

For players, Scorch can be cured with:

  • Cleanse (Natalie's skill).
  • Medipack/Health Strike (Lance's skill).
  • Purify (shared skill) — targets all players.
  • Garlic (consumable item).
  • 7th Heaven (Natalie's Limit Break) — targets all players, including backup.
  • Art Attack (shared Limit Break) — targets all players, including backup.
  • TOTOM summon — targets all players.
  • King Slime summon — targets all players, including backup.
  • Getting hit by a Water- or Ice-elemental attack, as well as attacks that inflict Wet or Chill (regardless of whether the status is actually inflicted).
  • Waiting a number of turns.
  • Having the victim die (except if with Auto-Revive).
  • Winning/fleeing from the battle.
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