Seiken hitting a Dark Golem

"My love for swords has given me the ability to create them from thin air!"
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Holy Sword (also known as Seiken in earlier games) is one of Matt's signature skills, having appeared in every game of the Epic Battle Fantasy series. When cast, a runic circle appears in front of an enemy, diagonally facing the ground. From this circle, a sword-shaped blast of white energy erupts, dealing high Holy-elemental damage to a single target.


Equipping Holy elemental sword such as Heaven's Gate or Rune Blade will boost the power of Holy Sword. In EBF4, Heaven's Gate may automatically cast Holy Sword with certain skills.


Epic Battle Fantasy

Seiken costs 77 MP to use. It's power increases when Heaven's Gate or Rune Blade is equipped.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Seiken's cost has been reduced slightly, costing 70 MP instead of 77. It has an accuracy of 100 and a power of 80, with 75% of the damage dealt being Holy element. It's power increases when Heaven's Gate is equipped.

One Skill Bonus is available to improve Seiken:

  • Holy Power - Boosts Seiken by 40%, +20% resistance to Dark

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Seiken now deals 50% Holy-based damage. Wind Slash and Unleash need to be learned first as prerequisites.

Level 1 2 3
AP 1250 2500 5000
Power 80 110 140
MP 15 20 25
Element 50% Holy
Other Expert holy attack. May stun target (only on 3rd level).

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The skill was renamed Holy Sword in this game, as well as receiving a substantial power boost and a weaker version, Light Blade. The latter skill needs to be learned as a prerequisite to learning Holy Sword.



  • The sword summoned by Holy Sword is a white silhouette of Heaven's Gate.
  • "Seiken" is Japanese for "Holy Sword", hence its name.
  • Holy Sword may be inspired by the attack Matt used to defeat Natalie in Brawl Royale. However, the Holy Sword skill uses a much smaller sword made of pure energy, and the summoning portal is visible on-screen unlike that in Brawl Royale.
  • Holy Sword's animation is inspired by a certain weapon unleash from the Golden Sun series.
  • The symbols on the summoning circle appear to be lowercase Greek letters.
  • The name of the skill was most likely changed due to copyright laws.
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