Seiken used on a Dark Golem.

Seiken is a Bushido skill in the EBF series. It's first introduced as one of Matt's Bushido skills in EBF1. It has ever since appeared in EBF2, EBF3 and EBF4.

As a Skill

When used, a summoning circle comes forth above the opponent, summoning a sword of light which crashes down onto an opponent. It does medium to high light / holy elemental damage on one foe. In EBF3, it also has a chance of stunning the target when fully upgraded to level 5.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

This skill returns in EBF4 as a Unique Skill for Matt. It's only pre-requisite is Light Blade. It may Dispel targets.

Element 50% Holy

Description / Expert holy attack. May dispel the target.

Level 1: Power: 120 / MP 15 / AP 1250

Level 2: Power 160 / MP 20 / AP 2500

Level 3 Power: 200 / MP 25 / AP 6000


  • Seiken has also appeared in a few other places, like in Brawl Royale.
  • Seiken is Japanese for "Holy Sword", and is inspired by Beatrix's ability in Final Fantasy 9.
  • This is a possible reference to Golden Sun, namely the unleash of the Excalibur. The difference though, is the name: It is Legend in Golden Sun.
  • The sword used as a part of this skill is the Heaven's Gate.
  • The symbols on the spell appear to be lowercase Greek letters.
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