Seiken hitting a Dark Golem

Seiken is an expert holy-elemental skill in Matt's Bushido set in EBF3 and EBF4. Equipping the Heaven's Gate will boost the power of Seiken. In EBF3, the skills Wind Slash and Unleash need to be learned first as prerequisites. In EBF4, Light Blade needs to be learned first.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Seiken returns in EBF4 with the chance of dispelling targets. Its pre-requisite is Light Blade.

Element 50% Holy

Description / Expert holy attack. May dispel the target.

Level 1: Power: 120 / MP 15 / AP 1250

Level 2: Power 160 / MP 20 / AP 2500

Level 3 Power: 200 / MP 25 / AP 6000


  • A white Heaven's Gate is the sword that appears in this skill.
  • The symbols on the summoning circle appear to be lowercase Greek letters.
  • Seiken is Japanese for "holy sword", and is inspired by Beatrix's ability in Final Fantasy 9.
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