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Sharpen is a status-inflicting skill available for everyone but Natalie and Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It was introduced in the v2 update of the game.


When cast, two orange swords pointing in opposite directions appear on the party and then proceed to spin a semicircle each, leaving a trail of afterimages behind. This adds stacks to active status effects on the targets; the number of stacks added are equal to the skill's upgrade level.

Sharpen is an incredibly useful and versatile support skill that can be cast on the player party to increase the duration of any positive status effect (Regen and Bless are some of the best examples), or cast on the enemy party to increase the duration of any negative status effect (like Freeze or Stun). It is worth noting that Sharpen will also prolong Stuffed on the party, which can be annoying, if not too dangerous.

To make the most out of Sharpen, the user should also wear the Nano Machines Flair, which will reduce the cooldown of the skill to 3 turns instead of 5. With this combination and the occasional Apple, the user can indefinitely prolong either the players' or the foes' status effects just by recasting Sharpen whenever it becomes available.

Foe Users

When used by foes, the skill has a completely different effect and simply buffs their Attack.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The skill is given by Reno after completing Matt's Arena 1-Player challenge in the Battle Arena.

EBF5 Skill Sharpen.png
Extends the duration of current negative status effects on all enemies. Alternatively, it can be used on all allies, including those in backup, to extend the duration of positive status effects. It does not affect haste and defend.
  • Has a 5-turn cooldown.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
All | Allies+B -- ---- -- -- -- --
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength AP Cost
1 1 -- -- N/A
2 2 -- -- 2500
3 3 -- -- 5000
Note: Power is equal to the number of stacks that gets added to positive/negative status effects.

Positive statuses extended on players: Enchanted, Invisible, Charge, Berserk, Regen, Auto-Revive, Bless, Morale, Brave, Lovable, Good Luck and Stuffed.
Negative statuses extended on foes: Stagger, Poison, Virus, Burn, Scorch, Freeze, Stun, Bad Luck, Tired, Weaken, Curse and Syphon.