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Emo0049.jpg "Shroud status, eh?
Does anyone have the Reflex skill equipped? It's no biggie, just blow it away with some wind.
―Natalie, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Shroud.png Shroud is a negative status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Its icon is a dark grey cloud. It prevents the player from viewing the afflicted's HP bar, stats, and status conditions except for Shroud itself, without any impact on actual gameplay. This status condition is always disadvantageous to the player, whether it's on themselves or the foes.


It cannot be Purified, but can removed by taking Wind or Holy damage, or using the Reflex skill.


Pre-v2, the random status effect allowed players to inflict Shroud on foes. The v2 update removed Shroud from the pool of statuses Random could choose from, making it unavailable for players through this method. However, it is still possible to inflict Shroud (on both self and foes) with the Alt Devil's Sunrise.


Before the v2 update, the glitch summons could inflict Shroud through the Random status.


Smoky attacks from mostly Fire and Dark-based foes are the typical causes of Shroud on players.


The v2 update added the Smog weather, which has a chance to Shroud both players and foes betwen turns.