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Skills (occasionally Spells) are various special attacks and abilities each character can use to take a turn.

Epic Battle Fantasy

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Only a handful of skills are available in the first game. Matt has 12 skills at his disposal, separated between two categories: "Bushido", which are abilities related to sword-fighting, and "Special", which are miscellaneous spells. Natalie has 15 skills available, separated between three categories: "White Magic", which contains healing abilities, as well as her Holy-elemental skill, "Black Magic", which are various offensive spells, and "Summon", which features the abilities to summon certain creatures for help.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

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Both characters' skill-sets have been expanded, featuring 15 and 19 skills respectively. Additionally, the Limit Break mechanic has been introduced, with Matt and Natalie having one Limit Break each.

Unique to this game are Skill Bonuses, which permanently increase some skills' power or special effects, or provide other miscellaneous effects. They can be selected at certain checkpoints; the bonuses that appear are affected by the skills used during the previous waves.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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With the switch to a full RPG format - complete with levelling and character building - the playable characters start the game with only few skills available and learn more as the game progresses. They can also upgrade existing skills to increase their strength.

Numerous new skills have been introduced, many of which belong to the newest playable character: Lance. His skills are split between "Shoot," which utilize his gunblade and equipped guns, and "Backup," which calls in support from his machines and gadgets. Some skills, known as Special Skills, are also available to more than one character; the player can choose who will learn them.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

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EBF4 introduces a fourth party member — Anna — and a whole new set of unique skills to go with her. The number of skills in each character's personal move-set is slightly reduced, with everything going into a single category per character; however, the role of Special Skills is greatly expanded, with over 50 skills that can be learned by multiple characters (including some that were previously exclusive to one). This enables a much larger degree of customization than previous games.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

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There are several major changes to skills in EBF5.

  • Another playable character was introduced — NoLegs — along with his own skill-set.
  • The MP system has been replaced by a cooldown system: instead of requiring MP, some skills will become inaccessible for a few turns after being used.
  • Some skills change form when upgraded to a certain point; for instance, Fire becomes Fireball when the former is upgraded past Level 2.
    • Some skills will gain an alternative targeting mode when upgraded (e.g., when Fireball becomes Fire Storm), allowing to focus an area-of-effect skill on a single target (for higher damage, stronger effects or/and higher chance to apply them) or vice versa, essentially merging two skills into one slot. Further upgrades increase the stats of both single-target and area-of-effect versions.
    • Prior to the v2 update, certain skills would change their targeting mode without a way to access the previous one, e.g., when upgrading Plasma Shot past level 2, the option to fire it at a single target was lost.
  • Most player-accessible attacking skills that are not weapon-elemental now have 100% elemental degree. Foes still have many partially elemental skills.
  • Special skills were renamed "Shared Skills" and keep their level when unlearned, allowing them to be swapped between players for no extra AP cost. This also means they cannot be downgraded anymore, though that's unlikely to be useful.