Skills are the actions that Matt,Natz,and Lance can unleash on the battlefield. (other than idling,of course.)

For example:

Legend,Lucky Star,and Flameshot.

Limit Breaks are special skills that can only be unleashed after you sustain a specific amount of damage. The higher your level, the more damage is nesisary in order to unleash an ability.

(progress kept track of by red bar under the heroes' green Magic/Mana Point Bar.)

They are:

(Matt's) Ragnarok,Cleaver,Annihalate,

(Natz's)Black Hole,Kyun,Genesis,

(Lance's)Oblivion,Nuke,and Ion Cannon.

Ragnkarok is Matt's holy,Cleaver is Matt's flexible element attack,and anhialate is Matt's death move.

Natz's black hole is her death/dark move,genesis revive/holy/autolife,and kyun is debuff/buff/heal.

Lance's oblivion is his bomb/earth move,nuke fire/poison,and ion cannon non-elemental.

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