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"Cannot take a turn, cannot catch items. Stats greatly reduced. No cure exists, except death or time."
―Slimed's mostly accurate hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Slimed.png

Slimed is a negative status effect found only in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Its icon is a green Slime. It transforms the affected into a Slime, making them unable to take turns and catch items, and doubling all damage taken; neither drain Slimed's length.

The only cures are: finishing the battle, waiting for the effect to wear off, fleeing, or having the afflicted player die (even if with Auto-Revive); other standard methods (such as using Purify) will not work. On the positive side, the status cannot be inflicted again as long as any player is currently Slimed, ensuring there's never more than 1 player at a time under its effect.


  • Bless can prevent the status from being inflicted.
  • The afflicted cannot be switched out.
  • The afflicted is still able to dodge incoming attacks.
  • The afflicted becomes immune to Freeze until the status is gone.
  • Infliction of the status clears Berserk from the affected, but does not prevent from applying it again. (though as long as the player is Slimed, Berserk will be useless anyway)
  • Once unslimified, this player's status effect bar (the bottom line only; stat (de)buff bar is unaffected) will be invisible until the next update of the bar.

Enemy attacks that can cause Slimed: