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"There exist a huge diversity of slimes in every corner of the world. They come in all shapes and sizes, with varying elemental properties. All species are however pathetic and their deaths by that of your mighty sword shall not be mourned." - Epic Battle Fantasy 3 intro (sic)

Slimes are a recurring supergroup of foes in the Epic Battle Fantasy seriesBig Slimes are a subgroup of their family; as such, they are also sometimes referred to as Small Slimes to further differentiate them.


Slimes appear as roughly oval blobs of colorful ooze, snow, lava, or other substances. They have beady eyes and a small mouth with a cleft lip that makes them look slightly cat-like. When severely damaged or killed, their eyes tend to pop out of their heads in a comical fashion.

Many Slimes have objects embedded in their bodies, and some naturally develop other features such as ears, tails, and tiny clouds that inexplicably hover over them at all times.

Slimes are highly adaptive, being able to live almost anywhere on the planet. They often develop unique traits based on their environment, and can even breed with other species (as seen with the Furry Slime).


Slimes have the dubious honor of being some of the weakest foes in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, with pitiful offenses and low HP. Their main (and often only) attack is to jump at a player, dealing minor damage and occasionally inflicting a status effect. Some Slimes have added abilities such as Thunderbolt or Fire Rain, but their damage output is not much higher than their regular attacks.

In Epic Battle Fantasy 4 only, Slimes have the ability to inflict the Slimed status effect with their regular attacks, effectively stunning the victim and making them extremely vulnerable while being impossible to remove outside of dying or letting it run its course. While the infliction chance is small, the threat of Slimed can make Slimes a priority target, especially if paired with strong foes; however, they're otherwise as weak as ever, so focused attacks can usually take them out in a turn at most.

In Epic Battle Fantasy 5, certain pieces of equipment can scare Slimes into fleeing on their turn.

Slimes have a wide range of resistances and weaknesses depending on their elemental affinity, although they're generally vulnerable to most elements and rarely have notable status resistances. Later games make them extremely vulnerable to Doom and Instant Death.


Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Adventure Story

Slimes appear throughout the first three worlds of Adventure Story as the most basic enemies Matt will encounter. They mostly sit in place or move from side to side on whatever platform they're occupying.

Bullet Heaven

Slimes appear as regular enemies in this series that usually explode into bullets when defeated. A slime resembling a fortress also appears as the first boss of the game, piloted by Kittens. It mainly shoots simple danmaku patterns, most of which are easy to dodge. This slime also has low health for a boss; if high-level attack shots are used on it, it would move on to the next phase in less than 5-10 seconds.


  • Slimes would begin a trend of a new "cute cannon fodder" enemy class being introduced in each Epic Battle Fantasy game, followed by Kittens, Bushes, Idols, and Worms.
    • Prior to EBF5, Slimes, Kittens, Bushes, and Idols were the only creatures that had multiple models per type, excluding the damaged sprites of certain bosses.
  • Slimes feature in the loading screens of EBF3 and EBF5, with random species dropping out of the sky and sitting at random places on the ground. They can be splattered by clicking on them, causing a new Slime to drop a few seconds later; popping 100 Slimes that way will award the player with the "Slime Splatter" and "What Game?" Medals, respectively. Idols took up the role for EBF4's pre-loader.
    • In the EBF5 pre-loader, mousing over a Slime and then moving away without splatting it will give the Slime a relieved expression.
  • Thunder-based Slimes (i.e. Yellow Slimes and Slime Mice) often have variations that resemble the various "Pikaclones" from the Pokémon franchise.
  • In EBF3, an NPC called Legolas laments that he is too "underleveled" to defeat a single Slime.
  • EBF2 is the only game in the series that does not feature a single species of Slime in its bestiary, although Slime Bunny appears as a summon.