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Slingers are a recurring class of enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, appearing in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, 4 and 5 (as of the v2 update), as well as Adventure Story.


Both members of the Slinger family have very similar appearances, being floating robots that resemble old-fashioned outlaws. They wear a brown longcoat and a wide-brimmed hat; the coat appears to be very rugged and is not completely buckled all the way. Their round metal heads are mostly obscured by their hats, leaving little more than their mouth exposed. The only difference between the two is their hat; Gunslingers have a gun wedged in their hat, and Swordslingers have a sword in theirs.

Slingers are usually found in deserts or industrial areas.


Slingers use primarily physical attacks by releasing various weapons from inside their coats: swords for the Swordslinger and guns for the Gunslinger. Many of their attacks are Bomb-elemental or non-elemental. Most of their attacks do not inflict any status effects or stat debuffs.

Slingers are weak to Bomb, Thunder, and Water while resisting Earth and Bio and being immune to Poison.

In EBF5, Slingers can be captured and summoned to perform powerful but inaccurate non-elemental attacks on one foe.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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  • The design for the Slinger enemies came from a DeviantArt member named Kmau. All the attacks were designed by kmau as well, except for the Gunslingers rocket and sniper-cannon.
  • Interestingly, the Slingers' overworld sprites in EBF4 depict them with some sort of green eye. Despite this, no green eye can be seen on them during battle.