• Gunslinger
  • Swordslinger
Slingers are a recurring class of enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, appearing in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and Epic Battle Fantasy 4 as well as Adventure Story. There are two members: Gunslinger and Swordslinger, with similar appearances; a floating mechanical head with a brown longcoat and a hat. The only difference between them is their hat; Gunslingers have a gun in their hat, and Swordslingers have a sword in theirs.

Slingers are mechanical creatures, giving them the logical weaknesses against bomb and thunder and resistance against poison. They attack by releasing various weapons from their coats.


  • The design for the Slinger enemies came from a DeviantArt member named Kmau. All the attacks were designed by kmau as well, except for the Gunslingers rocket and sniper-cannon.
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