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"This breastplate is as close as I can get to being topless! (There's really not a lot of fan service for the ladies, huh?)"
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The Spartan Cuirass is a male armor available in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Its hat counterpart is the Spartan Helmet.


The Spartan Cuirass is a golden armor with a red cape.

The Spartan Cuirass is a heavy duty defensive armor. It provides hefty boosts to Defence and Magic Defence, and also packs good HP. To top it off, it comes with a sprinkling of Accuracy and Evade. The Spartan Cuirass is particularly good for physical attacks as it buffs Defence by 80% when defending; while this can be readily done with Protect, the slightly higher intensity of the buff and the ability to tie it with Agnry Faic during Defend makes the Spartan Cuirass great for tanking builds. While the Spartan Cuirass lacks offensive stat boosts, it occasionally will summon a Crucified Fallen. This does not have too much of an effect, but will deal heavy damage to a single target and may kill it outright.

The Spartan Cuirass resists Bomb, Weaken and Tired. Only the Weaken and Tired resistances become immunities.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Found inside a chest in Crystal Caverns along with the Spartan Helmet after defeating Vulcan.

EBF5 Arm Spartan Cuirass Spartan Cuirass
A spartan's crimson cape and golden armor.
  • Level 2: Defending also buffs defence by 80%.
  • Level 4: Randomly casts Crucified Fallen between turns.
  • Level 5: Boosts the damage of fire skills.
Stat Bonus Resistance
Stat HP 5% 5% 10% 10% 15% - - - - - - EBF5 Element Bomb 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
Stat Attack - - - - - Stat Defence 10% 15% 25% 30% 40% EBF5 Status Weak+Tired 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
Stat Magic - - - - - Stat Mdef 10% 20% 25% 30% 40% - - - - - -
Stat Accuracy 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% Stat Evade 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
Spells & Statuses
Power Chance Modifier
Auto Skill -- (25%)
Bonus Skill -- --
Auto Status -- --
Defend Status 80% Stat Defence --
Forging Information
Lvl Requirements Lvl Requirements
2 EBF5 Item Iron Plate
x 2
-- -- 3 EBF5 Item Silver Plate
x 1
-- --
4 EBF5 Item Silver Plate
x 2
EBF5 Item Gold Plate
x 1
-- 5 EBF5 Item Gold Plate
x 6
EBF5 Item Belt Buckle
x 4
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