• Flame Sprite
  • Frost Sprite
  • Rock Sprite
  • Lightning Sprite
  • Wind Sprite

The five types of Sprite as seen in the EBF4 overworld. From left to right: Flame Sprite, Wind Sprite, Frost Sprite, Lightning Sprite, Rock Sprite

This article is about the family of elemental enemies from EBF4 and EBF5. For the ghost-like enemy with Auto-Revive, see Spirit.

Sprites are a group of foes introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Sprites appear as vaguely humanoid figures with large heads, short arms, and no apparent feet (making them resemble a young girl in a dress). They have simple faces, with two blank white eyes and a small mouth that only appears when performing certain attacks or taking a strong blow. Their exact appearances vary, but they always have details resembling the element they wield in battle, making it possible that their origins or biology are similar to Elementals.

Sprites are usually found in environments suiting their elemental affinity, with some overlap depending on the area (e.g. the icy caves of the Crystal Caverns have both Ice Sprites and Rock Sprites).


In battle, Sprites can headbutt players, but they usually favor a variety of elemental spells. They often serve as low to mid-tier foes, casting offensive magic and inflicting status buffs on themselves or status ailments on their foes. As such, Syphon is an effective means of limiting their threat level.

All Sprites can absorb damage from the element they represent (200% resistance), but have a 50% weakness to Dark and Poison (both the element and the status effect).


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • Sprites can be seen as lesser versions of Elementals, as both species have five members associated with the same elements (Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, and Wind).
  • The different types of Sprite appear as the fifteenth wave of the Monster Marathon on Battle Mountain.
  • A Flame Sprite in Ashwood Forest is the first Giant Enemy in EBF4.
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