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Squids are a recurring family of foes in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. So far, they have appeared in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, 4 and 5.


Squids are massive cephalopods with bulbous, often conical bodies above heads consisting mainly of two large eyes and a tube-like mouth. They stand on several short, thick tentacles with suckers dotting their lower edges. Two long, thin tentacles protrude from the backs of their bodies, which the Squids use as arms.

Unlike their real-world counterparts, Squids are perfectly capable of surviving on land; nevertheless, they are usually found near bodies of water and other liquids.


"Ha! Take that, stupid squid! Your molesting days are over!"
―Natalie sees a Squid losing its arms, EBF5

Squids are high-tier enemies in the EBF series, with one in particular being a full-fledged boss fight. They usually attack by jabbing players with their tentacle arms, casting advanced elemental magic, and spitting ink from their mouths; the latter usually inflicts a major Accuracy debuff on its target(s), among other effects.

In EBF5, the arms of a Squid can be destroyed if they take a powerful blow, disabling most of their physical attacks. Their death animation is apparently so disquieting that all active party members have a chance to become Stuffed upon witnessing it; this can be avoided by capturing a Squid or forcing it to Surrender. If taking the latter option, a guaranteed way to make a Squid Surrender is to inflict it with Syphon or Berserk after destroying its arms.

All Squids absorb Water and are weak to Earth and Ice; nearly all have an additional weakness to Thunder. All Squids are resistant to Stun, Freeze, and Instant Death, except in EBF4, where they are actually weak to the latter. In EBF5, Squids are also resistant to Accuracy debuffs.


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  • Squids can be seen as a foil/counterpart to Mammoths, being families of powerful foes based on bosses from EBF3, who gain the ability to inflict a rare status effect on players when killed. However, while Mammoths are more focused on physical attacks and inflict Hungry when slain, Squids are more proficient with magical attacks and inflict Stuffed upon dying.
  • So far, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is the only game where a Squid's arms are treated as separate foes from the Squid itself.