"Next hit taken will be a critical hit. Lasts for one turn."
―Stagger's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Stagger
Stagger is a negative status effect found in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is associated primarily with Bomb, Earth and Wind elements. Its icon is a red/pink exclamation mark. When one is Staggered, the next hit they take is guaranteed to be a critical hit (dealing 1.5x damage), which consumes the status. Stagger cannot be stacked and lasts for only one turn.


  • It also triggers of zero damage abilities oriented solely at inflicting negative status effects or debuffing, like Debilitate, which effectively waste Stagger. Abilities oriented at healing, buffing or inflicting positive status effects do not count, and neither does Mana Drain.
  • It has priority over Brave's critical hit immunity.
  • It also can affect damage from Burn and Poison. (When both are active, Burn strikes first.)
  • Since Stagger would vanish upon the first hit on the affected, subsequent hits of multi-hit skills (like Anna's Combo Shot) will not be affected by the status. It's best to use a strong single hit skill, like Matt's Cataclysm.

Stagger can be cured with Garlic (consumable item), Purify, Medipack, Cleanse (ordinary skills) and Kyun (Natalie's Limit Break). Like all status effects, it also vanishes after the battle.

Stats before the Battle Mountain update are listed in brackets.

Stagger is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Airstrike's single-target "peace bomb" — up to 50% chance.
  • Airwave — up to 30% chance.
  • Big Blast — up to 30% chance, targets all foes.
  • Blast — up to 40% chance.
  • Icicles — up to 15% chance, 2 hits.
  • Log — up to 100% [70%] chance.
  • Lumber — up to 23% [19%] chance, 3 hits.
  • Shockwave — up to 25% chance, targets all foes.
  • Hand Bomb (throwable item) — 60% chance.
  • Thunder Elemental (summon) — 40% chance, targets all foes.

Equipment providing resistance against Stagger:

Enemy attacks that can cause Stagger: