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"Cannot eat any more food. Blocks HP debuffs from direct attacks."
―Stuffed's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Stuffed.png
Stuffed is a negative status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 that only affects players. Its icon is a fork over a general prohibition sign.

When a player is inflicted with Stuffed, they become unable to eat any Food items. The status cannot be removed by cleansing spells. Most rare or powerful food items will inflict the players with Stuffed to prevent the player from abusing them.

  • If a player uses food that affects all allies (i.e. Pizza), allies without the Stuffed status will receive and eat the item normally, while Stuffed players will not be able to eat it.
  • Inflicting Hungry on a Stuffed player will remove the status.
    • There's one exception to this: the Hungry inflicted by Mammoth-type enemies on death will not remove Stuffed. If a player is inflicted with both Hungry and Stuffed, Hungry takes priority.
  • Just like Charge, Stuffed cannot be Dispelled and will remain even after the player dies and is revived.
  • After the v2 update, Stuffed also negates HP debuffs caused by direct attacks (ie, it does not cancel Scorch's passive debuff, or Radiation's HP debuff), making the condition advantageous in certain circumstances. Blocking debuffs does not consume Stuffed stacks.
  • After the v2 update, the pop-up for Stuffed will appear even if the attack that inflicts it kills the player (unlike most other statuses).
  • Using Sharpen will increase the duration of Stuffed, presumably to prevent abusing it with Cupcakes to permanently prolong other positive statuses.


  • Food
    • Crisps (1 turn)
    • Chips (2 turns)
    • Pretzel (2 turns)
    • Cupcake (3 turns)
    • Hamburger (3 turns)
    • Pizza (3 turns)


  • Pink Squid's Stuff (30% chance, 3 turns. Used on death)
  • Lime Squid's Stuff (30% chance, 3 turns. Used on death)
  • Purple Squid's Stuff (30% chance, 3 turns. Used on death)
  • Evil Eye's Stuffing Attack (50% chance, 3 turns. Becomes 100% chance on Hard or Epic difficulty)
  • Snowflake's Rice Ball Bomb (100% chance, 5 turns)
  • Snowflake's Rice Ball Bomb x2 (100% chance, 5 turns)