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Accesories would be Forged like other Equipment, but grant special abilities instead of attack and defence boosts. Some would randomly buff or heal, another would let the entire party start a battle at full HP and MP. There would be ones that lower skill costs, and ones that boost a the resistance of certain elements for the entire party. Experience boosters, loot doublers, and special ability doublers. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Matacorn (talkcontribs)


It seems obvious, but more elemental spells should be added. There were all of 2 Wind spells- one of which was gained through a quest only- and not a single water spell. Tornado, Bubbles, Flood, Rockfall, Vines, and The Dead were all item-exclusive too, and I think Natalie (or perhaps Anna) should get at least a few of those. In addition, Doom should be a spell, or at least a limit break.

04:19, June 5, 2011 (UTC)Leafbarrett

Roaming Monsters

Instead of monsters being only required when they block the sucker, there should be random encounters too, or at least have the monsters move around and initiate battle when they touch the player. There should also be a system for determining if you can or can't run.

0187:2814, June 747, 20178 (UTC)suck me

New Game+ suggestion

EBF3 was pretty awesome, but once you beat it on Epic mode, the challenge is gone. If you replay and keep your equips, levels, etc it's just too easy. You have to start considering your attacks for the 2nd and 3rd last bosses, and the only battle you have to pay attention to is the final one.

I suggest adding another option to the New Game + mode (Epic mode only?): Enemy Levels Scale

This would cause enemy levels to be near yours. When you start a new game, you face level 30+ enemies (for example) instead of level 1 enemies. That way, there's still some challenge to be had out of the game!

Coopatroopa 13:27, August 4, 2011 (UTC)