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"All single-target attacks will be aimed here."
―Target's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Target.png
Target is a neutral status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 that only affects players. Its icon is a red scope with a big X over it. Its effects are as follows:
  • Cancels out Lovable.
    • Note that on-Defend statuses are applied in order of weapon, hat, armor, and flairs from left to right. As such, if one has both equipment that grants Lovable on Defend and equipment that grants Target on Defend equipped at once, whichever goes later in the order will prevail.
  • Target redirects all single target attacks to the afflicted player, including attacks that target randomly, and also makes them the main target of all centered attacks. Spells cast by equipment will also be affected, while spells cast by weather are unaffected.
  • Since the v2 update, every time a player with target is hit by a single target or centered attack, one stack of Target will be consumed (multi-hit attacks will generally only consume Target if the last hit lands, though there are exceptions where each hit consumes a stack).
  • The status can only be on one player at a time (inflicting it on a second player will remove it from the first), and will also cancel Lovable if the target was inflicted by it.

Target is technically coded as a negative status effect, though unlike most of them it will not be removed by cleansing spells or items, meaning the only way for players to remove the status off themselves is to either inflict the player with Lovable or inflict Target on a different player.

Target is most commonly used to direct damage away from other players and redirect it elsewhere. This status effect is a key element of Target Tanks, characters who are outfitted with highly defensive equipment and Flairs. Target Tanks can use equipment with Defend effects, allowing them to spam Defend as freely as possible. This setup is incredible for tanking powerful single-target attacks that other party members would not be able to handle.

Stats in brackets (below/right from actual) are for its pre-v2 update version.

Target is accessible to players through the following items and equipment:

  • Target Badge, gives the status on defend — 2x length
  • Agnry Faic, gives the status on defend — 3x[2x] length
  • Brick, inflicts the player that throwed it with Target — 5x[3x] length, increased by 5x[3x] for every piece of equipment that boosts throwable items, potentially reaching 9x.

Enemy attacks that can cause Target: