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A simple shortcut for writing Epic Battle Fantasy links. This way redirected links (such as EBF2) are not used as shortcuts. This template need not be changed when additional EBFs come out, ie. 4,5 etc.. It will still work. However, a triple input will probably need to be added.

How to


You type: {{EBF|1}} or {{EBF|2}} or {{EBF|s}} etc.

Template does: [[Epic Battle Fantasy]] or [[Epic Battle Fantasy 2]] or [[Epic Battle Fantasy series]] etc.

Out comes: Epic Battle Fantasy or Epic Battle Fantasy 2 or Epic Battle Fantasy series etc.



You type: {{EBF|1|3}} or etc.

Template does: [[Epic Battle Fantasy|Epic Battle Fantasy 1]] and [[Epic Battle Fantasy 3|3]] or etc.

Out comes: Epic Battle Fantasy 1 and 3 or etc.


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