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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
S for Status
I for Icon
The template is a shortcut for creating an icon which links to an article. It supports status effect icons, white stat icons (mainly for buffs) and gray stat icons (for debuffs).
Status effects will link to their corresponding articles, and stats will link to the corresponding section of the Stats article.
For EBF5, use Template:Si5 instead.
  • For status effects, specify their full name, e.g. Poison, Weaken, Dispel. Capitalization doesn't matter.
    • Alternative names supported: Autolife (Auto-Revive), Seal (Syphon) and Debuff (Dispel).
    • Alternative icons supported: Syphon1, Berserk3 and Autolife2/Auto-Revive2.
  • For stats, specify their common abbreviation. They are as following: atk for Attack, matk for Magic Attack, def for Defence, mdef for Magic Defence, acc for Accuracy, eva for Evade, hp or HP for Health Points and mp or MP for Mana Points.
    • Adding down right after the abbreviation, like atkdown or hpdown, will produce a gray icon of said stat, instead of a white one.
If you feel confused, see the examples below.

Char Placeholder.png
And one more thing: if you get the placeholder exclamation mark icon (shown above) instead of the desired one, it indicates a syntax error. Check the input for typos. If you're sure you've typed it right but the placeholder doesn't go away, contact WTF-8 or Jasza676.
  • Linking to a status effect:
Status Poison.png

Status Stun.png
  • To a stat with a white icon:
Stat Attack.png

Stat Accuracy.png
  • To a stat with a gray icon:
StatDown Attack.png

StatDown Mdef.png
See also
Template:ElemIcon — a similar template for element icons.

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