The Temple of Trials is a dungeon in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is found in the far right side of The Rapture, where it takes the role of being the final premium-only dungeon. It plays a similar role to the Dark Player/Foe Rush portions of Battle Mountain.


The Temple of Trials is a dark stone temple with a demonic theme to it, with red four-winged statues and eerie red light shining in from the windows. Anna believes it is one of Akron's temples.


The entrance to the Temple of Trials is located at The Rapture/Lava Lake, though the player must first complete the other four premium-exclusive dungeons by defeating their resident superbosses.

Once all of the superbosses are defeated, the gate blocking the entrance of the Temple of Trials will open. Odin will also move aside in the Warp Zone, allowing access to the Temple's Slime Cat.


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5 K5TempleOfTrials
6 K6TempleOfTrials
7 K7TempleOfTrials


6 K6RainbowRiver
7 K7LavaLake


Four of the Evil Players (Matteus, Lancelot, Natalia, Annabelle) are in the Temple's first room, represented by colored orbs of light. When they are defeated, a portal activates that takes the party to the third floor of the Temple, where they'll find God, the Evil Player rendition of NoLegs.

Boss Rushes

After defeating God, the second floor of the Temple becomes accessible. This floor contains various marathon battles that pit players against the basic enemies, the midboss-level foes, bosses, and superbosses of EBF5. The final portal allows players to challenge the Endless Battle mode, forcing them to battle unending waves of progressively stronger foes to see how long they can last.

For the standard foe rush, see Temple of Trials/Monster Marathon.

For the endless battle, see Temple of Trials/Endless Battle.

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