Notice: EBF5-related data is based off of the public beta, v0.16, and may change later.

The Temple of Trials is a dungeon in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


The Temple of Trials is a dark-red temple. It has a demonic theme to it, with red four-winged statues and eerie lighting. Anna declares it is one of Akron's temples.


The entrance to the Temple of Trials is located at The Rapture/Lava Lake. You can also access it through the slime cat with the halo. However, you need to complete the other four dungeons first.


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5 K5TempleOfTrials
6 K6TempleOfTrials
7 K7TempleOfTrials


6 K6RainbowRiver
7 K7LavaLake


The Evil Players (Matteus, Lancelot, Natalia, Annabelle) are in the Temple's first room. The Evil NoLegs is not present in the first room, his portal activates when the other four bosses are defeated. Only when he is defeated is the second room unlocked, where there are boss rushes as well as an endless wave.

The space arena is the domain of the true form of God. Yes, the God. The only God in any of the EBF games. Seriously though, the final foe is dubbed God, and is the Evil Player rendition of NoLegs.

Boss Rushes

The foe rushes/marathons are unlocked after defeating God. See the map above for the list of foes.

For the standard foe rush, see Temple of Trials/Monster Marathon.

For the standard Boss rush, see Temple of Trials/Boss Rush.

For the miniboss Chibi Knight and Hydra rush, see Temple of Trials/Chibi Knight Rush

For the Super Boss rush, see Temple of Trials/Super Boss Rush.


  • The Temple of Trials, unintentionally or not, acts as a reference to the Divine Comedy, an iconic work by Dante Alighieri.
    • The first floor, representing Hell, has demonic representations of the Players, thus representing the darkest and most primordial forms of one's mind.
    • The second floor, representing Purgatory, is covered with all of the bosses and foes the Players have fought thus far. In effect it is littered with physical manifestations of all the Players have killed, and all they would have to regret. Note the substantially smaller amount of red.
    • The final floor is Heaven, where God awaits. Given the fact that the player can receive the basically broken Star Hammer (and the literally broken Buster Sword), as well as that the boss fight involves the players repeatedly being buffed instead of taking major drawbacks every turn, suggests a sense of finality and completion. It is also in the heavens (e.g. space) and is a far cry from both of the rooms before it.
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