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The Beyond is the final section of the final dungeon in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is apparently either a rift/glitched area within the time space continuum or alternatively an area in space with artificial gravity and air. It is presumably the location from which the rain of Cosmic Monoliths was sent down, including the one in the Great Impact which formed the Rapture. It is the platform from which the Cosmic Gigalith lies, and from which whatever entity is controlling that will enter the universe.

To reach the Beyond, one must acquire the four elemental orbs from The Rapture and place them on the pedestals near the center of the Rapture and take the portal to the Beyond. Note that returning to the Rapture through this portal will briefly cause the lowest level of aesthetic glitch (everyone's faces are covered with black pixels) which while generally irrelevant may cause lag due to the high concentration of NPCs, assuming the player has done most quests.


The Beyond is a largely black stone landscape with fairly few features of note, somewhat resembling an asteroid. It's also in space. The world and the stars can all be seen from the Beyond. It is unknown what would happen if one fell off of it.

It is akin to The Rift from Epic Battle Fantasy 3 in that both are short, linear, and space themed areas consisting of little more than a straight path to the final boss of their respective games.


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The Beyond is ludicrously small for an area, but still has some foes apart from the Cosmic Monoliths. It also has three different bosses which must be fought to proceed to the fourth and final boss: