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The Great Sea is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It was introduced in the v2 update.


The Great Sea, as per its name, is the open ocean beyond the mainland of the EBF5 world. It can be accessed from the southeastern exit of the Frozen Valley on the border with Redpine Town; like all optional areas, it is marked by a cat-themed "Jolly Roger" flag.

The Great Sea is presumably the point from which Redpine Town engages in trade with towns other than Hope Harbor and Greenwood Village; that said, there is no concrete evidence of this in-game, despite some NPCs on the edge of the Rainbow River implying it to be the case. Unlike the Rainbow River, it has no notable currents; however, this may be due to the defeat of Poseidon (who blocks the party's access to the Great Sea until he is slain or captured).

The Great Sea can be separated into two sections, the "maze" and the main islands.

The Maze

The first part of The Great Sea is mostly open water, dotted with tiny landmasses with a wide range of biomes. Unlike the rest of the EBF5 world (but similar to the Glitch Areas), there are "incorrect" exits in most screens, where the player will get looped around to the same screen or previous screens if they choose one of them; as such, two screens being adjacent in the map doesn't necessarily mean one can directly travel between them. To reach the main portion of The Great Sea, players will have to find the correct exits on each screen; if the "Hints" option has been enabled, there will be red arrow signs on the landmasses to help guide them.

The maze also has one island that the party can actually land on, marked by a pier, a lone statue and a cryptic sign. While it doesn't appear to have anything of note, a treasure chest can be revealed by waiting on the island for two minutes and then attempting to leave the island.

The Main Islands

At the southern edge of the Great Sea is a series of larger islands with a variety of vegetation; most notable are the strange trees with bulbous, pear-shaped trunks, exposed roots, and tubular green foliage resembling coral or sea sponges. The central island has a Slime Cat, a Material Shop, and a Food Shop, with the Data Bunker to the west and the Battle Arena to the east. The northern island doesn't appear to have anything noteworthy at a glance, but a well-hidden pier allows the party to land on it and find a teleporter to a hidden arcade machine.


Compared to other areas, the Great Sea has very few foes, with most of them being Water, Ice, or Earth-based.


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  • The Great Sea shares its name with the oceanic setting of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • The Great Sea has some similarities to the "endless jungle" hiding the Lost Ruins of Lankyroot Jungle from Epic Battle Fantasy 4, being an optional navigational puzzle that leads to an secret area. Unlike the EBF4 version, a key item isn't needed to properly navigate the Great Sea (aside from The Raft used to cross water in general).