Kitten Game Title Screen

The title screen of the Kitten Game

The Kitten Game is a flash game made by Matt Roszak. It is one of his earlier works, featuring cats identical to NoLegs. The Kitten Game has absolutely no relevance to the Epic Battle Fantasy series.


The objective of The Kitten Game is to click cats and inflict grisly injuries, killing the kittens and earning points. As otherwise the game would be a pointless slaughterfest (although it still kind of is), a time limit is imposed on players, forcing them to reach a certain number of points before time runs out, or else risk failure of the level. If one fails a level, they may try again or return to the menu. If one successfully completes a level, they are awarded a trophy (bronze, silver, or gold) depending on how large of a bodycount they racked up. Beating a level allows one to proceed to the next, where they must again kill kittens, albeit more, and in a smaller timeframe.

Cats can be slashed in 3 different places - the middle of the head, the neck, or their tail. 1 point is rewarded for each body part hacked off, so up to 3 points can be added to your score if you manage to slash all three parts before the mutilated corpse drops off the screen. Not every part must be slashed to kill the cat. Cats will try to hide from the player if they are hovered over for too long. Player may also click on some parts of map to destroy them; it doesn't net any points, but may be useful if kittens are hiding behind them.

The game also features a Dress Up mode (typical dress-up game only with cats-- has no effect on gameplay) and a Practice mode (endless, pointless feline massacre with no time limit or objective).


Title Usage Source
Gentle Wind Blows Menu Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Veggies of Geasal Level 1 Final Fantasy III DS
Tozas Level 2 Final Fantasy III DS
The Unforgiven Level 3 Final Fantasy VI
Matoya's Cave Level 4 Final Fantasy
Temple of Fiends Level 5 Final Fantasy
Save Them! Level 6 Final Fantasy VI
Oh Light...! Level 7 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Forbidden Land Eureka Level 8 Final Fantasy III DS
Annual Festival Level 9 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Easton Kingdom Level 10 Super Mario Land
Bob-omb Battlefield Level 11 Super Mario 64
Gerudo Valley Level 12 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Dragon Roost Island Level 13 The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Ice Climber Level 14 Ice Climber
Obstacle Course Level 15 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Main Theme Level 16 Final Fantasy VI
Athletic BGM Level 17 Super Mario World
Yoshi's Island Level 18 Super Smash Bros. Melee
Airship Theme Level 19 Final Fantasy IX
Butter Building Level 20 Kirby's Adventure
Boss Theme Medley Level 21 Kirby series
Castle Pandemonium Level 22 Final Fantasy II
Protecting My Devotion Level 23 Final Fantasy IX
Dr. Wily Stage 1 Level 24 Mega Man 2
Searching for Friends Level 25 Final Fantasy VI
Battle Scene B Level 26 Final Fantasy II
Boss Battle Level 27 Final Fantasy IX
Last Battle Level 28 Final Fantasy III DS
Ieven Polkka Level 29 Loituma
Battle 2 Level 30 Final Fantasy III


  • This is the only game in the series that has no human characters in it.
  • NoLegs himself never appears in-game, only his species does.
  • A number of easter eggs appear in the game, including references to Mario, Kirby, and Pokémon.
  • This is (one of the reasons) why Godcat hates humanity.

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