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The Music of Epic Battle Fantasy III is an album released on August 9, 2010. It contains entire soundtrack of Epic Battle Fantasy 3, which was composed by Phyrnna. It features 17 tracks from the game, and the physical version also features an artwork created by Matt Roszak as disc's cover art.

It is available on Phyrnna's Bandcamp page both in digital version for the price of $8 USD and physical version for $10 USD. $1 of every sale goes straight towards the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.


  1. That Which We Have Lost and Forgotten (02:42) - Main menu theme, originally from DiviDead OST, EBF3 version arranged and cover by HalcyonicFalconX (Phyrnna).
  2. Estavius (01:49) - The Town's theme.
  3. Enter the Woods (03:12) - Vegetable Forest's theme.
  4. We Dream of Booty! :D (02:03) - Rock Lake's theme.
  5. Sisters of the Snow Dissent (02:17) - Glacier Valley's theme.
  6. Journey to the East (03:39) - Kitten Kingdom Ruins' theme.
  7. Travels to the North (03:56) - Volcano Peak's theme.
  8. Nebula (03:32) - The Rift's theme.
  9. z0mg \/ICT0RY!! ^o^ (00:51) - The victory theme.
  10. Wings (01:28) - The normal battle theme.
  11. You'll Never Guess This! (02:19) - The boss battle theme.
  12. Heroes March (02:30) - Alternate battle theme which plays during some battles in the Ruins and Volcano, appeared previously in Epic Battle Fantasy 2.
  13. Acruto Lao D'nor (02:03) - Alternate battle theme which plays during tougher battles.
  14. DiVINe MaDNEss (04:36) - The final boss, Akron's theme; collaboration with DJ-Delinquent.
  15. Kick S. Beats (01:22) - Intro theme.
  16. RAVE V2 (01:14) - Theme of the first and fifth minigame.
  17. Game Over... (00:10) - Game over theme.

Total length - 39:43

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