For the gun in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, see Rapturer. For the Limit Break in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5 originally called Rapture, see Hidden Power.

The Rapture is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the hellish remains of the eastern side of the Southern Continents after the Great Impact. It is the first part of the final area in EBF5, though "The Rapture" may also refer to the final portion, called The Beyond, as well as the second area called the Lava Lake.


The Rapture is a bizarre area, mostly comprised of black stone with assorted red crystals jutting out (resembling the Cosmic Monoliths which dot the area). The Great Impact appears to have unearthed some ruins from ancient civilizations judging by the area the Zombie Hydra lives in. The waters on the southern side of the Rapture are pink and presumably toxic. Red fungus/plant like life forms riddle the area, accenting the otherworldly vibe.

Technically the Rapture has a subsection called the Lava Lake; the Lava Lake refers to the magma/lava filled crater while the Rapture refers to the obliterated area around it.


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In stark contrast to the Temple of Godcat from the fourth game, the Rapture is riddled with dark, bio and fire foes, much more closely resembling Volcano Peak from the third.

Though The Rapture itself does not have a proper "boss", in order to get to The Beyond, one must fight the Zombie Hydra and Blaze Hydra to obtain the Earth and Fire orbs respectively.

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