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The Town is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is the starting area of the game, where the heroes land after Akron absorbed their power. It is directly south of Vegetable Forest. In a fourth-wall-breaking moment, an NPC explains that the Town doesn't have a name because it is the only town in the game.

The Town's theme is "Estavius".


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The Town's population at the time of the party's arrival includes 30 human NPCs, a cat called Meow Meow, an unnamed dog, two pigs, and a cow. There are also three knights stationed right outside the Town's gate, protecting it from the monsters living in Vegetable Forest. One citizen - the owner of the house next to the graveyard went to explore the Kitten Kingdom Ruins and never returned.

Interesting Places

Town Square

Near the entrance of the Vegetable Forest, this area seems to be a casual meeting place for citizens. The primary feature is the large yellow star-shaped crystal, which can be used to access the Warp Zone.

Equip Shop

The Iron Bucket weapon shop is the place where players can get some weapons, hats, and armors for the party's use. It is located in the top-left corner of the city, directly west of the town square. 

The shop's inventory includes:

Misc Shop

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The Old Hag item shop is where players can buy and sell all miscellaneous items usable in crafting and spellcasting. It is located in the top-left corner of the city, right next to the Iron Bucket weapon shop.

Food Shop

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The Old Brick Inn serves the purpose of both food shop, where the party can buy and sell their food supplies, and a place where the party can rest and heal their wounds (which can be useful later in game since one step regenerates only 10 HP and 1 MP, player can just use crystals to quickly teleport to town, heal, and teleport back). It is located in the top-right corner of the city.

Graveyard and Old House

In the bottom-right corner of the city, there is a small graveyard, apparently filled with the bodies of knights and warriors who died while defending the Town from monsters. The most notable feature of this area is an abandoned house, whose owner left to explore the Kitten Kingdom Ruins and never came back. The house is locked initially, but if the player finds the Old Key, they can enter the house and loot the chests inside.


Nine out of EBF3's 30 quests come from denizens of the Town.

NPC's name Items required Items received
Rusty 10 Brick, 2 Old Wood, 5 Earthball Flower, Geode, 5 Jaw Bone
Konata RAM Chip, 10 Microcontroller 3 Choco Cornet, 3 Yoghurt, Battery
Johnny 3 Battery, 3 Magnet, 3 Steel Plate Razorback, Speaker, Chocolate
Calum 2 Speaker, 3 Battery Power Metal, Chocolate, Missile
Meow Meow Cat Food Meow Meow
Mattie 10 Milk, 2 Curly Horn Cow Costume, Beef
Ronald 5 Flower 7 Ruby, 7 Amethyst, Star Powder
Carl Pineapple, Green Potion, Red Potion 20 Beer, Gummy Bear, Lollipop
Jim 3 Rainbow Gems Charcoal


This area contains 10 chests in total:

  • Map O4 : Three chests. Access the chest behind the Equipment shop (hides Blood Blade) and the left chest behind the Misc shop by squeezing behind the warning sign in the center. Access the right chest behind the Misc shop by squeezing left behind its upper right corner.
  • Map O6 : One chest inside inn's room on right
  • Map P4 : One chest on a farm next to pigs
  • Map P5: One chest on a vegetable field, right next to game's starting position
  • Map P6: Four chests inside the abandoned house after you obtain the Old Key from the Tundra Mammoth battle. Chests contain: Cat Food (key item), Star Powder, a Flower, and the Demon Tail staff.