The Thunder Elemental is a foe and a summon in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It appears mostly in Waste Disposal Plant. It is a member of the Elemental enemy class.


The Thunder Elemental is a black, reptilian creature with yellow eyes that wears golden "armor" with a massive spiky protusion on the side of it. It has an arm cannon on its left hand and has a yellow energy sword in the place of its right hand. Like other elementals, the Thunder Elemental floats over the ground, and in either case lacks legs - it instead has a weird shape possibly meant to be a tail.


Like the other Elementals, the Thunder Elemental is a high-class foe which packs sizable elemental might. Despite the description, the Thunder Elemental only uses highly elemental Thunder attacks. Its repertoire is fairly straight forward, specializing in heavy elemental damage though it can also inflict Dispel and Stagger. Although the Thunder Elemental only has a single area-of-effect attack, its high-powered skills can give it the ability to tear through weaker players. On harder difficulties, the Thunder Elemental starts the battle with Charge, letting it use Thunder Blast right away.

The Thunder Elemental absorbs Thunder, and resists both Fire and Bomb. It does have a couple weaknesses of note; while Earth attacks such as Lumber work best, Ice and Water skills such as Iceshard and Flood respectively can dish out some serious damage.

It is worth noting that along with other Elementals, Thunder Elementals can drop Cake — consumable items that permanently boost Magic Attack by 2%. However, as this is only an 1% chance, it is generally not worth the grinding to get Cake.


Icon bestiary ebf4 thunder elemental Thunder Elemental EBF4
A powerful monster which uses thunder and bomb[incorrect] attacks.
Stat HP Stat Attack Stat Defence Stat Magic Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade Exp AP SP Gold Hit2HP
340 4 4 7 4 4 4.1 62 8 8 75 30
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Earth Element Poison Element Bomb Element Wind Element Water Element Holy Element Dark
50% 200% -60% -80% - 50% - -60% - -
Status Burn Status Stun Status Freeze Status Tired Status Poison Status Dispel Status Stagger Status Syphon Status Wet Status Weaken Status Curse Status Death
- 100% 50% - - - - 50% - - - 50%
StatDown Attack StatDown Magic StatDown Defence StatDown Mdef StatDown Accuracy StatDown Evade
- - - - - -
Item Drop Rate
Icon Item Plasma Ball Item Topaz Item Dragon Scales Item Gunpowder Item Cake - -
Name Plasma Ball Topaz Dragon Scales Gunpowder Cake - -
Chance 20% 10% 25% 30% 1% - -
Status Damage
Damage taken from status effects, in % of maximum health (per turn), including elemental resistances:
Status Burn Burn Status Poison Poison Status Doom Doom
(if Death fails)
Status Regen Regen
2.1% 1.8% per stack,
up to 16.2%
15% -20%
Final damage is randomized by ±5% (except for Doom) and rounded down.

On Hard and Epic difficulties, enters the battle with 2x Status Charge Charge, which allows to use the strongest attack from the get-go.

Attacks and Abilities

Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Double Slash Single 44/2 Stat Attack 100% Element Thunder -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Glowing Blade Single 60 Stat Attack 100% Element Thunder 33% -- Status Dispel 100% 10% 10%
Big Spark Single 50 Stat Attack 80% Element Thunder -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Charge Self -- -- ---- -- 2x Status Charge -- -- --
Notes: Charges to use Thunder Blast.
Thunder Blast All 45 Stat Magic 100% Element Thunder 40% -- Status Stagger 100% 10% 10%
Notes: Requires and expends Status Charge Charge.

Despite Bestiary's description of the foe, it does not have any Bomb-elemental attacks at its disposal.

Battle logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

  • Charged → Thunder Blast;
  • Berserked or/and Syphoned → Double Slash;
  • Otherwise → Double Slash (1/4), Glowing Blade (1/4), Big Spark (1/4), Charge (1/4).


Can be obtained in the Waste Disposal Plant, one screen to the right and one screen up from the toxic pool, from a chest guarded by a battle that appears as a Thunder Elemental. Upon activation, a Thunder Elemental will charge up and unleash Thunder Blast on the foes.

Summon Thunder Elemental
Thunder Elemental SP Status Freeze
Targets all foes. May stagger targets. 45 Cured
Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
All 100 Stat Magic 100% Element Thunder 40% -- Status Stagger 130% 10% 10%
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