"Evade and accuracy decreases every turn."
―Tired's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Tired
Tired is a negative status effect in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5. Its icon is a green-yellow arrow pointing down in EBF4, while it is a black and white tire instead in EBF5. It is generally associated with the Earth element.

Similar to Weaken and Curse statuses, Tired debuffs the affected's Accuracy and Evade by 10% each turn, unaffected by debuff resistances. This doesn't cancel out natural (de)buff fading (by 5% per turn) and works in conjunction with it, totalling to 15% debuff per turn when the affected has corresponding stat buffs, or 5% otherwise. Additional application of Tired will increase the duration of the ailment, but does not affect debuff rate.

Since the Battle Mountain update, Tired is the only "slow debuff"-type status without secondary effects. Prior to the update, it also boosted Earth-elemental skills by 50% — however, this aspect was intended for the Stun status instead, accidentally assigned to the wrong one. The update gave it back to Stun, now matching the descriptions of both status effects. As of EBF5 it also increases the damage of Bio attacks by 50%, with one stack of the debuff being consumed each time the bonus is triggered.

Tired can be cured with Garlic (consumable item), Purify, Medipack, Cleanse (ordinary skills) and Kyun (Natalie's Limit Break). Like most status effects, it also vanishes after the battle, when the victim dies (except if with Auto-Revive), or after a number of turns.

Stats before the Battle Mountain update are listed in brackets.

Tired is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Gaia Bloom — up to 100% [80%] chance and 6x [5x] length.
  • Gaia Blossom — up to 70% [60%] chance and 4x length, targets all foes.
  • Blood Blade (sword) — up to 50% chance and 3x length at base.
  • Alchemy Set (staff) — ≈7.7% chance to roll the required status, which is applied with up to 100% chance and 9x length at base. Additionally, it may counter with Spectrum — up to 130% chance and 9x length.
  • Flower Pot (staff) — up to 80% chance and 4x length at base.
  • Flower Pot (staff) may cast Gaia Bloom — see above.
  • Flower Pot (staff) may summon Gaia Bloom — see above. (This part was added in the Battle Mountain update.)
  • Alchemist's Bow (bow) — ≈7.7% chance to roll the required status, which is applied with up to 100% chance and 9x length at base.
  • Legend inflicts the status on the user — 100% chance, 2x length, ignores resistances. Equilibrium (sword, BM Premium only) can counterattack with Legend.
  • Slime Bunny Ears (female hat) may inflict the status on the user — up to 66.(6)% chance and 2x length, ignores resistances.
  • Knight Armor (male armor) may inflict the status on the user — up to 50% chance and 2x length, ignores resistances.

Equipment providing resistance against Tired:

Enemy attacks that can cause Tired:

  • After two turns since entering the battle, Fluffy Bat starts to self-induce Tired — 100% chance, 1x length every turn.
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