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Turrets are a recurring group of enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. They first appeared in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 as helpers and various parts of the Valkyrie Tank. They are closely related to Bombs, which could be considered a subgroup.


Turrets appear as advanced machines that emerge from panels hidden below the floor or mounted on a tank. Many of them are mounted on hinges that allow them to rotate upwards when being deployed or retracted.

Turrets are usually found guarding industrial areas, like the Waste Disposal Plant or the Iron Fortress. They have also been deployed by the various tanks seen throughout the series (such as Neon Valkyrie), and thus have some association with Lance.


Turrets are strong foes that can disrupt the player's tactics. They can inflict a variety of status effects ranging from annoying to crippling, with some complimenting each other's tactics, such as a Fridge Turret inflicting Wet before a Dish Turret launches a barrage of Stun-inducing Thunder attacks.

In EBF5, they are also one of the few families of standard foes that cannot be captured, along with the Bombs.

Being mechanical, Turrets are usually vulnerable to Thunder and Bomb, but immune to Bio and Wind. They are also well-defended against status ailments; they are immune to Stagger, Burn, and Poison, and resistant to Freeze, Stun, Instant Death and Syphon. Despite this, Syphon is still one of the Turrets' main weaknesses; many are left completely helpless while afflicted with the status, and some Turrets will immediately Surrender if they're Syphoned on their turn in EBF5.


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  • Lance can be considered a Turret in his EBF2 appearance, as he is summoned in the same way as the "true" Turret enemies.
  • In EBF5, the Turrets and Bombs are grouped together as "Turrets" and "Turrets2" for the Endless Battle mode in the Temple of Trials. These categories are similar to the enemy families, but with the Nuclear Bomb and Giga Harpoon switched; this makes the groups correspond to the enemies found in the "normal" areas of the EBF5 world and the enemies found exclusively in the Mineshaft Maze.