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"A defensive foe? How boring."
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Turtles (also known as Eaters) are a recurring group of enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series.


Turtles are large tortoise-like creatures with some resemblance to an Alligator Snapping Turtle. They have scaly bodies and rugged shells covered with details that correspond to their elements. They have short, stout legs that end with several clawed toes, and most species also have a short tail with spikes on the end. Their heads have horns, a beak-like mouth and narrow black eyes; the latter two features combine to give them a permanent scowling expression.

Aside from environments matching their elemental affinities, many Turtles prefer caves and other rocky environments.


Turtles are durable, defensive foes with high HP and below-average Evade. Their signature move is Shell Smash, which has them briefly retreat into their shells to boost their defensive stats; this sometimes provides additional bonuses, depending on the game and species. Offensively, Turtles attack with their horns, ground-shaking stomps that deal multi-target Earth damage, and an elemental attack of their corresponding type. Due to their defensive nature, Giga Drill can work wonders against them, especially since most Turtles are weak to Earth.

All Turtles resist Thunder and Wind; in EBF4, they also resist Bomb. In terms of status effects, they resist Stun, Doom, Instant Death, and sometimes Freeze. Their common weaknesses include Earth, Bomb (except in EBF4), and sometimes Bio.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Turtles only appear in the Data Bunker EBF2 simulations, after the v2 update. They are once again called "Eaters" as a throwback to their debut game.


  • Prior to EBF5, the Lava Turtle has had a different name in every of its appearances: in EBF2, it was called "Rock Eater," in EBF3, it was called "Lava Eater," and in EBF4, it was called "Lava Turtle."
  • Turtles can be considered a more powerful counterpart to Crabs; they have better stats, more effective attacks, and were introduced one game after the first member of the Crab family.
  • In EBF4, the different types of Turtles make up the tenth wave of the Battle Mountain Monster Marathon.
  • While Turtles did not initially return for EBF5 (until the v2 update), Creeps seem to have taken some cues from their tactics.