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"A defensive foe? How boring."
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Turtles (also known as Eaters) are a recurring group of enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series.


Turtles resemble massive turtles with a pair of horns and rugged shells which are covered with details that correspond to their elements. Turtles have four legs that end with several clawed toes. Their mouths are set in a permanent frown and have a beak-like appearance, giving them some resemblance to a Snapping Turtle.

Turtles are usually found in environments matching their elemental affinities; besides that, many species seem to prefer caves.


Turtles are durable, defensive foes with high amount of HP and a Shell Quake ability that can boost their defensive stats (and sometimes provide other bonuses). They have an Earth-elemental attack where they stomp the ground twice, causing an earthquake that targets the entire party, and an elemental attack of their corresponding type. Turtles can also simply bash their enemies with their horns. Due to their defensive nature, Giga Drill can work wonders against them, especially since most Turtles are weak to Earth. Below-average Evade is common among Turtles.

Turtles have a variety of resistances, with all of them resisting Thunder, Bomb, and Wind. They are also resistant to Stun, Death, and sometimes Freeze. Turtles are usually weak to Earth and Bio, with Bio being a shared weakness among of all them. In EBF3, all Turtles resisted Bio and were weak to Bomb instead.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Turtles only appear in the Data Bunker EBF2 simulations, after the v2 update. They are once again called "Eaters" as a throwback to their debut game.


  • Prior to EBF5, the Lava Turtle has had a different name in every of its appearances: in EBF2, it was called "Rock Eater," in EBF3, it was called "Lava Eater," and in EBF4, it was called "Lava Turtle."
  • In EBF4, the different types of Turtles make up the tenth wave of the Battle Mountain Monster Marathon.
  • While Turtles did not initially return for EBF5 (until the v2 update), Creeps seem to have taken some cues from their tactics.