Unload is one of Lance's more powerful skills in EBF3. It allows you to attack six times in a row with the element of the gun that is currently equipped.


It also has a high chance of scoring critical hits, offering a chance for scoring even more damage. But it has one downside: the use of Unload debuffs Lance's attack for a period of time, and this cannot be undone by using Purify, Medipack or the item Garlic. It is a good idea to buff Lance before hand with beer or Matt's "Temper", both of which buff attack.

However, since this debuffs only his physical attacks, such as his standard attack, his Snipe, Double Shot, and Unload itself, he can go on casting his spells (Plasma, Flamethrower, etc.) until the debuff wears off.


  • This skill is absurdly powerful in a Debilitate and Beer combo with Lance equippng the Genji Armor, Genji Helmet and Chainsaw.
  • This can prove to be very useful against Akron, although it can be risky without your defensive buffs stacked.
  • This skill returns in EBF4 as a unique skill for Lance.
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