Epic Battle Fantasy Wiki

I'm a big fan of EBF series, what I do..constantly draw fanarts, contribute to wiki, scoring leaderboards...(basically what the fans would do).

Finally I finished the game for the last time, and completed my medal collection (time to show off?) :D

Anyway..thanks to the EBF series I got myself a dA account. I don't usually submit arts, but when I do, I'll spam LxA fanarts, horahh! ** my dA username: ~sherrykisaragi (same as kongregate account, just saying) 

I'm a student in real life, so most of the time I'll keep myself busy with the academic, but when semester break comes I will definitely play hard, in the worst case, 24/7, but that rarely happens. Oh btw, I'm not a gamer.

Now..I'm back to busy mode, yet I'll spam the wiki activity when I got free time, just for fun.