Hi I'm Lightning Laser and I'm a User on this wiki. I really enjoy playing the Epic Battle Fantasy games and I love contributing to this wiki!

Click on my Fun Facts for some more interesting facts about myself.

If you ever have any questions for me, leave them on my message wall!

  • I'm a Sage on the Official EBF Discord.
    • I helped cause a giant balance update for EBF5 equips (especially Lance's weapons) on the EBF Discord Balancing channel.
  • The first EBF game I played was EBF 1 back in 2009.
    • My favourite enemy from all of the games is the Cosmic Monolith, and my favourite new enemy type in EBF5 is the Fallen.
  • I'm an Admin on the One Night at Flumpty's wiki (It's very dead).
  • These facts aren't actually that fun.

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