About Me

I go by many names, Alohamora100, Matacorn, Rakitsune, Doctor Asawa, and The Doctor. I spend some of my spare time around the wikis, mainly Nitrome Wiki, Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and Runescape Wiki, even if I don't edit much. I like this wiki most because it's so NEW! All the other wikis already have everything, but I bet we've only covered maybe 1.4% of the information. I've got lots of ideas, but never got to create any of them. Every plan fails, I've had bad encounters with machines, like this one time where a sewing machine exploded (long story).

The Games

Epic Battle Fantasy: Completed it many times, but only on easy.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2: Never beaten it, only gotten to the Sandworm boss battle.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3: Beaten it on easy, working on expert.

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