Epic Battle Fantasy Wiki

Many moons ago, I played the original Epic Battle Fantasy, and didn't care much for it. Then, much later, I played EBF4 and now I'm a big fan of the series.

My Favorite Foes

  • Skull Ghost: The real selling point of these guys is their design. Who would've thought that a fusion between a skeleton and a ghost could look so cool? Plus, they make for a great endgame foe - they put up a good fight but they're not too ridiculously overpowered or annoying.
  • Beheaded Fallen: The Fallen in general are a pretty cool concept, but the Beheaded Fallen is the coolest of the bunch in my opinion. Its design practically screams "I MEAN BUSINESS!" And, much like the Skull Ghost, it can be a challenging opponent at times but it's never a real nuisance to deal with, making it another awesome late-game foe.
  • Rock Sprite: I've come to take a liking to the Rock Sprite because of its attack animations. Its face shows an expression of perpetual tiredness, but when it goes on the attack its movements are so lively and energetic. Such a hilarious contrast!

My Least Favorite Foes

  • Fire Bit: You have to destroy these things immediately or else they'll suicide bomb your party on their first turn! Which makes them even more frustrating to deal with when certain bosses passively summon them, so you don't even get a chance to destroy them before they attack! Thank Godcat they got toned down in EBF4...
  • Mage Bird: Not much of a threat in EBF3, but in EBF4 these things were the bane of my existence once I got to the Temple of Godcat!
  • Red Slime and Giant Red Slime: Being forced to use only physical attacks to damage these things is pretty limiting, considering most of the party's attacks do magic damage.
  • Spirit: Having recently played EBF2, I can safely say that Spirits might be my least favorite foe in that game. Between their powerful Holy skills and the fact that their Revive can only be disabled with a few select skills (Matt's Unleash while equipped with Blood Blade or Soul Eater and Natz's Judgement) makes them really frustrating to put up with. I'm just thankful they only show up a few times towards the end of the game, and ESPECIALLY thankful they got nerfed in EBF4.
  • Cosmic Monolith: You need a LOT of Dark resistance to survive its Doomsday attack, otherwise this thing will end your game every time.
  • Gold Dragon: One time I fought one of these things and it WOULDN'T STOP HEALING ITSELF!!!!! Healers are annoying.
  • Sky Monolith: Another super-powerful healer. It heals itself every time it charges itself up...and it recovers a LOT of HP! Plus, there's the massive damage output!
  • Chompers: Yeah, all of 'em. In just one turn they can take a big bite out of you and heal themselves, undoing a good chunk of the work you did trying to wear them down.
  • Topaz Golem: Is it just me, or did the Golems get seriously buffed in EBF5? I find that I have a harder time fighting them in that game than in EBF3 or EBF4. The Topaz Golem in particular is a real pain...its Fire and Thunder attacks hit really hard, and all the debuffs and status effects it applies to the party members definitely doesn't help!