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Hello, everyone!My name is Stanyslav Filipov-Captain Stanyfil.I play Roblox and there I am in the group called "RSF"("Roblox Special Forces").There I am Captain.I live in Bulgaria.


My names are Stanyslav Vihurov Filipov.I am from Sofia,Bulgaria.I am 14 years old,born in 15th of February 1999.My grandmother took my half of the first name(stany) and half of the last name(fil) and made my first and primary e-mail stanyfil@email.com(don't say the email sorry).If you search Stanyfil in Google all accounts are mine.Now I don't play much these games(who you will read) because I need to get a revenge and because I have a crush.I love scripting in Roblox,talking to my crush,talking to friends and sometimes to troll >:D.

Facebook Games I am playing:

  • Treasure Madness(very rarely)

Kongregate games I am playing:

  • Badge Master(of course)

​Armor Games I am playing:

  • Nothing

MMORPG games I am playing:

  • Nothing

Other games I am playing:

  • BGMafia(Street Mobsters' Bulgarian version)
  • Roblox (again)
  • CS
  • HL:OF(Half-Life:Opposing Force)

My games history is so big that I need 2 hours to write it.

Now I am playing to these games and train for Major in RSF.