Epic Battle Fantasy Wiki
  • Name: WTF-8
  • Class: Leet Haxor
  • Likes: Things that hit foes hard, omniscience, intuitivity
  • Dislikes: Things that hit players hard, math, highly arbitrary values
  • Weapons: JPEXS FFD, "no u", "just because the game says so doesn't necessarily mean it actually is like that", and the last resort: "Matt pls"

So far I only got into the main series, without caring much for spin-offs (too slow for BH). Back when Seiken was 24% magical, Syphoning restricted to using only magical attacks, and Matt had 4 Holy-elemental swords to choose from...

My contributions I'm proud of, wiki- and community-related:

  • Actually getting some to look at games' insides. Because knowledge is power and I don't wanna do everything on my own.
  • Annoying FoxMelody for a lengthy while, begging them to do the foe stats templates. They turned out cool.
  • Helping people with things not fully documented on the wiki yet.
  • Occasionally making silly stuff like that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that and that.
  • Other things I don't remember.