Jack in action EBF3

Vegetable Forests boss, Jack.

The Vegetable Forest is the second area of Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is where the players will encounter their first battles, mainly against nature-themed foes such as Garden Snails, Bushes, and Giant Insects. The boss of the area is a robotic pumpkin named Jack.

Vegetable Forest's music theme is "Enter the Woods".


Vegetable Forest has a green theme, along with water in some spots. Situated north of The Town and south of Rock Lake, the forest is filled with NPCs, foes, and treasure. The path is mainly linear, but many treasures can only be found by discovering the hidden side paths among the trees.

Most of the enemies are optional, but it's highly recommended to fight them all - even if they're not blocking an optional path, the added XP and ability points are always welcome. You can find the first mini-game at the very end of the area, along with the second teleport crystal.

To ensure maximum damage against the denizens of Vegetable Forest, put your AP into Fire, Thunder, and Earth-based skills. Bomb also works well for the boss of the area, so have a few Hand Bombs ready. Earth and Poison resistances help against many foes.


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List of Foes

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