"Will take big bio damage every turn. Anyone on the field can be randomly infected between turns."
―Virus' unfull hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Virus
Virus is a negative status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is associated with the Bio element, and its icon is a purple blob lined with a faint green glow. It deals Bio-elemental magical damage to the victim, and can spread from one character to another regardless of what side they are on. Unlike most status conditions, Virus stacks don't tick down at the end of each turn.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Virus deals magical Bio-elemental damage that is twice as strong as Poison's (ie, MaxHP * Hit2HP * 0.0012 * Virus strength).

Additionally, if any foe or player (including backup players) is inflicted with Virus at the end of their side's turn, each active player/foe has a chance of getting inflicted with 1x Virus; the spread chances are:

  • If a foe is inflicted with Virus
    • Each foe has a 30% chance of getting inflicted.
    • Each player has a 10% chance of getting inflicted.
    • If the foe has a catch score equal or lower than 4 (ie, most bosses and mini-bosses), both spread chances are tripled, becoming 90% chance for foes and 30% chance for players to get inflicted.
  • If a player is inflicted with Virus
    • Each foe has a 20% chance of getting inflicted.
    • Each player has a 40% chance of getting inflicted.

Sources of Virus

Player Skills and Equipment

Player skills and Equipment that inflict Virus:


Foe Skills

Foe skills that can inflict Virus:


Resisting/Curing Virus





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