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Volcano Peak's boss, Pyrohydra

Volcano Peak is the sixth and penultimate area in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.


The Volcano Peak is a massive web of canyons that surrounds Akron's original resting place, which has now become The Rift. In stark contrast to the relatively calm locations seen earlier, the Volcano Peak is actively erupting, with the volcano being visible in the distance of the northernmost part of the area. There are also plenty of streams of lava (with metal bridges allowing the party to cross) and the skeletal remains of many creatures, giving the area an apocalyptic vibe.

The Volcano Peak also has a large metal gate similar to the one in the Kitten Kingdom Ruins; by bringing Crimson Orbs to the pedestals, it can be opened to reveal several Chests.

Note that the Volcano Peak Medal Area requires 60 Medals, and so is impossible to access until after the party defeats Akron on Epic.


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The vast majority of foes in Volcano Peak are either Fire or Dark-based. Most notable are the Cosmic Monolith, which can deal blistering Dark damage, as well as the Skull Ghost and Red Slime, who are completely immune to physical attacks and magical attacks respectively. The Beholder miniboss can also be found in the Volcano Peak, taking up residence in the lower right corner of the map.